Internet Evangelism Day News

Issue 33, March 08
IE Day on the way. Facebook evangelism application. Latest news from Internet Evangelism Bulletin and IEC newsletter.
Issue 32, February 08
IE Day on the way. Latest news from Internet Evangelism Bulletin and IEC newsletter.
Issue 31, January 08
Golfing parage. Latest news release. Latest news from Internet Evangelism Bulletin and IEC newsletter.
Issue 27, August 07
New pages on the site: Second Life: using it for outreach. Free e-book on web evangelism. Latest news from Internet Evangelism Bulletin and IEC newsletter.
Issue 26, July 07
New pages on the site: mobile outreach and web evangelism for Japan. Booking deadline for Internet Ministry Conference. Latest news from Internet Evangelism Bulletin and IEC newsletter.
Issue 25, June 07
What did you do for IE Day?. Internet Ministry conference in September. Latest news from Internet Evangelism Bulletin and IEC newsletter.
Issue 24, May 07
Did you mark IE Day in some way? Please write. How the story was covered around the Web.
Issue 23, April 07
Internet Evangelism Day is here Latest news from Web Evangelism Bulletin including: Virginia tragedy support - websites and literature avaiable. IE Day is here - how to use it. Get award-winning book - just add content. Speakers available - on web evangelism topics. Children's outreach site - a growing resource. Tips - mainly for techies. Web usability - what to avoid. Communicating well - ideas and help. Japan - missed opportunity for outreach. Popular culture - how to relate to it. World we live in - developments. Wikipedia - a unique resource. Latest news from IEC Newsletter including: IE Day. Church of St Pixels. Mom passionate about e-vangelism. Bible Road. Tentmakers online. Culture news and information.
Issue 22, March 07
1 Month to go till IE Day News from Web Evangelism Bulletin News from IEC Newsletter
Issue 21, February 07
Web Evangelism Survey - your help needed Getting ready for 29 April Sports outreach site launched Latest web evangelism news links
Issue 20, December 06
New resource tool to help church websites Latest web evangelism news
Issue 19, October 06
Video clips for outreach - posting them on secular networking sites. Social networking - can relate to people this way? Watch IEC conference videos... last month's sessions are online. What we learned about doing Christian ministry in a pagan environment - thought-provoking ideas. Web evangelism news - on other newsletters and blogs. Internet Evangelism Day 2007 - set for 29 April.
Issue 18, September 06
Internet Evangelism Conference, Chicago - bookings still possible up to 8 Sept. Social bookmarking - using it to help outreach websites. Youth believe... nothing, says study. Not even alternative spiritualities. Remembering 9/11/ - Barna research shows little spiritual impact. Free outreach article on 9/11. Web evangelism training - new distance-learning module starts in September. Church websites - an opportunity lost?
Issue 17, July 06
Internet Evangelism distance learning training course starting now Chicago web evangelism conference in September IE Day partner scheme Report on IE Day Ask the planet: Yahoo Answers offers a new means of sensitive sharing Planning a website - use our worksheet Communicating well - thoughts to consider Other web evangelism news
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Our Death With Christ
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Resources For Pastors and Churches
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Help From The Bible
verses for you when you need help.......
Some Thoughts For Students
to make you think.......
VIDEO ADDED on the Wrath of God
the Gospel is a rescue operation from the wrath of god
Practising The Presence of God
helpful article for all Christians
Reverend Fun Cartoon Page added
thou shalt laugh
New YOUTUBE movie embedded "Baby Got Book"
great rap song and video
New Flash Movie added - "Break Me, Remake Me"
created by Richard Lyall
Watch Out for people offering power experiences
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New Christian cartoon page added
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I Prayed To Jesus So Am I Now A Christian?
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Flash Movie Jesus Doesn't Want Admirers But Disciples
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Ten Lies College Students Hear
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God's Answers To Man's Excuses
Man tries to justify himself....
Are You Bad Enough To Become A Christian?
what's your answer?
Darwin's Doubt - about evolution theory
Charles Darwin had doubts.....
Miracles - Why Do They Happen?
Why does God do miracles?
How To Discern God's Miracles from The Enemy's work
We need to exercise discernment!
The Work God Blesses
What are you involved with?
Lord Of The Work
Is The Lord's work the most important thing?
Dying To Self
Am I progressing in my Christian walk?
The High Calling of God
Our God is a jealous God
When Truth Gets In The Way Of Loving People
Lessons are often learned over time
What Do I Need To Know About prophecy?
Advice for the Christian on the subject of prophecy
Peter The Disciple Reflects on Easter
Spoken in a Glasgow accent
Audio Sketch For Pentecost
A Welshman in Jesusalem
Cartoons to Encourage and Make You Think
Choose and Go
Master List of FAQ by Others
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Solemn Warning of Dark Days Ahead For Christians
Great Judgements
What Is The Most Important Verse In The Bible?
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Is All Truth Equally Valid?
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Our Flash Movie Page
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Can You Prove That God Exists?
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Why Should Anyone Need To Be Born Again?
.....the problem lies in Genesis
How Do We become Christians?
....explains what is involved
Why Did Jesus Come?
The story of two kingdoms
Good News For Your Children
...the Gospel for the little ones
Living As A Christian
offers help in your daily walk with Jesus

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Burma needs Good News
Enthralled by Buddhist demons, in bondage to cruel military dicatators, and wide-open to Satan's batterings.
Dream Interpretation
Here's a pitfall to avoid: Angela is dreaming of twins and an unfaithful husband.
The Good Friday Fiddle
Why Easter moves around the calendar each year, and does it really matter?
The Craziest Cult
America is the Devil's seedbed, and this is one of his prize cultivations.
Only a Little White Lie?
She asked if he'd ever been unfaithful, in reply he bent the truth to "protect" their relationship. Did he lie?
Power in your Pocket
How to have infinite power in your pocket wherever you go.
The "Heretic's" Bible
He was strangled and burned alive by Catholics for translating your Bible into English.

Christian Courier Recent Articles

Matthew's Use of the Term "Fulfilled"
When the apostle Matthew wrote that an Old Testament prophecy had been "fulfilled" by Christ, just what did he mean? Engage in this study with us.
What Do You Really Know about Evolution?
Some years ago a few scientists declared that the theory of evolution was as well established as the rotundity of the earth. But evolution is still a theory, not a law. All of the basics of this theory stand in opposition to known science.
Genesis 1 and Dinosaurs
Is it possible that dinosaurs and humans inhabited the same early earth? If so, why aren't dinosaurs mentioned in Genesis 1? Study this issue with us.
Fundamentalist Mormonism Is the Original Mormonism
The Fundamentalist Mormon Church has been in the news of late, with the raid on the Texas Temple and the rescue of women and children from their peril. News outlets have repeatedly stated that this "Fundamentalist" movement bears no relationship to the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City. That is a serious misconception.
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
*Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed* is the title of a documentary movie that premiers across the nation on Friday, April 18th. We encourage our readers to see this presentation.
The Two "Beasts" of Revelation 13
In Revelation 13, John sees a vision of two beasts--one arising from the sea, another from the earth. What do these images represent?
Atheism: The "Church" of Amorality
How do atheists determine what is moral or immoral? While they frequently claim there is a "standard," closer examination reveals that the name of the game is "make up your own rules."
Ants - God's Amazing Creatures
Ants are amazing little creatures. In many ways they exhibit "design," hence argue for a Creator who designed them for their various functions.
The Old Testament and Incense
The Old Testament contains many references to the burning of incense. What lessons does this hold for us today? Let us meditate upon this theme together.
Was Jesus Afraid?
The writer of the book of Hebrews speaks of an occasion when Jesus was characterized by "godly fear." What does this phrase mean?

Answers in Genesis Articles

New Scientist Brings up Old Arguments

In an attempt to discredit the Bible, New Scientist told us recently that God’s Word is full of errors. We post here a response to some of these oft-parroted, and already-refuted, alleged errors.

Only “Time and Death”?

When tragedy occurs, such as the Myanmar cyclone, even Christians sometimes ask the wrong questions about why there is pain, suffering, and death. Our thinking needs to change.

Transcontinental Rock Layers

In this first sneak peek from the next issue of Answers magazine, Dr. Snelling shows how layers of sedimentary rocks can even be traced across continents.

Leading Newspapers Slight Creationists and Intelligent Design Advocates

The Creation Museum of Answers in Genesis continues to draw international media coverage 11 months on—some, however, continue to rehash false arguments.

Video On Demand: In the Beginning Was Information, part 2

Dr. Werner Gitt discusses information theory in this new video series.

InSite, May 2008

This month’s InSite covers some good-for-you changes to our online store and gives the scoop on books on

Not Just Horsin’ Around

How are horses, zebras, and donkeys related? Why are some small and others very large?

News to Note, May 3, 2008
Hobbits who aren’t so old, a new “web” technology, Neanderthal diets, and more in this week’s News to Note.
Feedback: Worldviews and Occam’s Razor

Does creation and a young universe, as revealed in the Bible, require “convoluted theories” to deal with the facts? Dr. Jason Lisle, AiG–U.S., responds.

How Could a Loving God? And It Was Good

The words of Genesis chapters 1 and 2 present to us the incredible chronicle of the first six days of existence.

Gene Duplication

Gene duplications followed by subsequent mutation of the duplicated genes are often cited by evolutionists as a mechanism for adding new information to the genome. Dr. Purdom examines a case.

So Obvious, Even a Child Gets It!

Even with such intense indoctrination, secularists complain that creationists are increasingly successful in countering the evolution/long ages message.

Answers for Life

In this guest article, Stephen Ham (Ken’s brother) gives the background of how and why he developed a new, powerful Bible study course, and the exciting results he has seen.

Stem Cells

Preserving life—it is extremely important in the Christian faith. But what is the biblical definition of life, and how does this definition affect stem cell research?

News to Note, April 26, 2008

The making of an evolutionary myth, some strange evolutionary relationships, cosmic misperceptions, and more round out this week’s News to Note.

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